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30 Years of Experience

Accidents happen at one point in time to all of us. As the poet wrote, “the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry” and sadly someone is often hurt or injured. Someone using a cell phone and not paying attention to traffic, someone having consumed too many alcoholic beverages and operating a motor vehicle, someone simply driving too fast, are events that occur every day and which often result in injury. My focus of practice is protecting the innocent victim of suffering further losses with a recalcitrant insurance company or the other party failing to provide fair, reasonable, and timely compensation.

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Our work isdedicated tothe livesof our clients

The law provides that an injured party may recover for past and future physical pain, mental suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disfigurement, physical impairment, inconvenience, grief, anxiety, humiliation, emotion distress, and other non-tangible damages. An attorney that can maximize these non-economic damages to an injured party provides value to a Client. The Law Offices of Kim James Kakadelas, through the handling of hundreds and hundreds of cases and many years of experience, knows how to maximize these intangible non-economic damages.

While no amount of money can truly heal all the wounds resulting from a serious personal injury, an attorney fighting at your side for justice and compensation may make the difference between financial ruin, and stability for your family. In addition to the difficult financial impact, the emotional blow of the inability to return to work, and the mental effects of being unable to help your spouse with simple household tasks, or to play with your children or grandchildren are losses that demand the retention of an experienced personal injury attorney. The efficient, effective pursuit of your personal injury lawsuit, and the recovery of the medical expenses, lost wages and other damages is more than just our mission, it is our passion.

Case Files

Automobile Accidents

Mr. Kakadelas has handled hundreds and hundreds, probably thousands, of automobile cases over the course of histhirty-years of practice. These cases have involved both the very simple soft-tissue neck and back whiplash injury, to much more complex and severe injuries. Mr. Kakadelas will take the more common whiplash case and thrives on obtaining a fair result for his Client even when the case does not involve a catastrophic injury or a largemonetary value.

Drunk Driver or Texting Cases

Mr. Kakadelas has had several cases that involved a significant settlement or verdict involving a drunk driver or a driver that was texting. Though the law still does not allow punitive damages for texting, Mr. Kakadelas has fought and obtained better results for his Client because his Client was injured by someone texting.

Trips, Falls, and other Negligence Claims

Mr. Kakadelas has had many cases involving negligence of a property owner in allowing or creating a dangerous condition to exist. These cases are different from the typical automobile accident claims, and often involve extra effort in affixing responsibility. Mr. Kakadelas enjoys looking for the right facts and evidence to meet the requirements of these types of cases.