Values and Traditions

In his home, Mr. Kakadelas places great worth on family values and traditions. He believes that having a well defined set of values helps solidify the foundation of each of our lives and affords support and aid when life doesn’t always go according to plan. These same values are a part of not only the home, but of life in general, and most certainly a part of their respective professional activities.
Mr. Kakadelas would welcome the opportunity to help you when things have not gone as hoped or planed incorporating these same values and traditions.
Mr. Kakadelas knows and appreciates the value and worth of family. As his children have grown-up and grandchildren have started to arrive, he looks back in appreciation of his wife and her support of the home. They have witnessed joy and sorrow around them, but have always tried to extend their help to others. They have both served in youth leadership positions within the community and faith based organizations. They have cherished the opportunities to work with young people, and Mr. Kakadelas continues to serve on the Board of Directors of a large non-profit youth sports club. He has cherished the friendships that he has developed over the years and continues to serve despite the fact that his children have grown-out of any involvement within the club. The fact that several of his daughters had the opportunity of playing Division I college sports has made him want to continue to give back to the organization that helped to afford this experience.
Mr. Kakadelas welcomes the opportunity to help others, and he has the same loyalties and commitment to each of his Clients as he has tried to render to all of the various organizations with whom he has been involved.

An Attorney dedicated to helping those around Him

With years of service to his clients and to the local community, Mr. Kakadelas would welcome the opportunity to help you as well!